Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Light the Night-Tribal Style!

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap "Tribal" Blog Hop!  If you just left Debby's blog then you are in the right place.  If you popped on by from Facebook or my regular blog updates you are also in the right place.  If you just stumbled upon this post then you are late and you better head over to Club Scrap Creates to see a list of all of the bloggers participating today.

Now onto the good stuff.  I've been a member of Club Scrap in one way or another since 1999.  This month's kit is my favorite.  That's saying a lot huh?  I wanted to make something neat-o this month but I sort of ran out of time.  You know how it's one day before a deadline and you want to put ten hours into something and you only have 70 minutes?  Well that's what happened yesterday.

Luckily I had one of these from the March 2007 Rhapsody Club Stamp Kit-
Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking..."but Janet I don't have one of those!!"  Luckily for you they are available online.  Google them.  Buy them in a 6 pack, make them for teacher's gifts!

So I decided I wanted to "Tribalize" my nightlight.  It was pretty easy.  I took it out of the package (duh) and then peeled off the paper that is on the front of the shade (carefully.)  Then trace the paper onto the piece you would like to use (this is Autumn Splendor Gold Translucent).  I recommend a translucent or text weight paper so the light can shine through more easily.  But "it's your own darn light."  You only need about 1/2 of a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper (unless you trace badly and screw up-then you need the whole piece.)

Cut out your traced paper and then mark it-the directions I had said mark every 3/4" inch around the top and 1 3/8" around the bottom then connect the lines like this...
You might want to start in the middle so yours doesn't look a little wonky like mine does but really in the end it doesn't end up mattering step...grab some stamps (I used the Tribal Unmounteds) and some black ink, if you used translucent paper I would advise something like the CS Black India ink.  Mask each section and start stamping.
I heat set each section before I moved to the next one.
AJ approves of my stamp choice.  When you are done you have something like this.
Now the directions say to cut 1/8" strips of paper to go between each section but I was tired and mis-read that and cut 1/4" strips from Tribal POPs instead.
Stick them on there (I used my tape gun, might have been better with glue but remember, I was in a hurry.)  Cut the ends off that hang past the paper then carefully wrap it back onto the front of the lamp.
Next grab another color of POPs and cut strips to wrap around the sides and top of the lamp.  It says 1/4" but that's not big enough (arg) so just cut them wider than the white part of the lamp.  (This isn't rocket science-you are decorating a pre-made light?)  The top one is a little tight, don't do like me.  You might want to wrap your strip gently around to train it.  I cut mine into pieces and stuck um down.  It's a little jacked up-but it's ok.
Finally grab some fiber of your choice-preferably something that has dangling things on the bottom and stick it to the bottom of the light with some glue lines.  Finally find a small dark bathroom and plug it in...

Wa-laaaaaaaaaaaa!  Pretty spiffy huh?  I like all the Tribal stuff so I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of Tribal stamps from me soon!

Thanks for stopping in and have fun on the rest of your blog hop today-next up is Tiare at iclassy girl.