Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keep Calm and Blog On

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap February Blog Hop featuring the London Calling kit!
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So remember last month when I made something awesome?  Well this month that didn't happen.  In fact it was all I could do to crank out this post today.  You see everything was going great, we had just returned from a week of vacation (oh how I wish I was there now!)

See how pretty and warm it was?  Well we then came home to an ice storm.  This below is just one of about 10 areas just on our street!

Seriously folks, power is very under-rated.  So we finally got power back last week and finally got stable internet up yesterday.  So for the last week and a half things have been a little crazy.  And Cold.  So I felt it was appropriate to make this card.

It was easy peasy.  I found a website where I could generate my own "Keep Calm" printable here.  I have three different family members moving in the next couple weeks and I thought the little house with the "Move On" was appropriate.  The whole idea was actually my mom's as I was frantic in the 11th hour to come up with something, anything for the hop today.  (Thanks Mom for bailing me out.)  I just printed out 3 of them and slapped them together with the awesome Greetings to Go set.  You could also use the unmounted stamp included with the kit to make your own "Keep Calm" saying.

AJ approves of the work.  I stamped this cute saying from the In The Neighborhood Um stamp set on the inside.
So I know it's not an amazing spectacular project like the rest you will hop to today but it was as good as it got with all the craziness going on. 

In closing I did a little research and did you know that the original Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster released for WWII by the British Government Propaganda Department?  There were a total of three different poster themes but this one actually wasn't widely distributed.  Most all the posters were gathered and reduced to pulp at the end of the war in 1945.   A bookseller stumbled on a copy in 2005 and it's popularity has skyrocketed since.

So if you are having a crazy week, month or even year so far just remember...

Now feel free to "Carry On" to your next stop on the hop Inkstains with Roni!