Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nailed It!!!

Welcome to the Club Scrap Trees March Blog Hop, otherwise known as the CSTMBH for short.  I bet you just came from Debby's Blog where I am sure she made something amazing, creative and spectacular.  I'm glad she did because that is not what you are going to find here...

If you are a fan of Pinterest or Facebook you have probably seen the "Nailed It" pictures.  You know when someone tries to replicate something they saw on a creative site and it didn't go exactly as planned.  My personal favorite is the lamb cake one...
Or the Cookie Monster Cupcakes one...

So when I first saw the images for the Trees kit, especially the Stencil and the large stamp collage scene...
I knew I wanted to do something amazing with it.  I came up with the idea that I wanted to make a moving piece of art that had the trees, sun and some giraffes.  The whole scene just screamed "GIRAFFES!" at me for some reason.  My idea was fortified when my mom sent me this photo from an art show near her home.
So I came up with a plan and I made a sketch of what I wanted to create so I could ask a couple people for some ideas (people who tend to be a little more creative than myself.)  Here is the sketch.

As you can plainly see my vision is amazing.  What I wanted was for the trees and sun to be in the background and for the giraffes to be somehow moving across the front.  I thought surely online or at a hobby store or something I would find some kind of gadget that would make the giraffes move...

Well no.

Not to be undone I decided maybe a different route.  My niece has this lamp with moving fish, maybe I could modify an old lamp.  I did some research and found that there were these neat vintage motion lamps by a company called Econolite.  They looked something like this...and when the bulb warmed up the lamp turned.
So I figured I would just buy an older broken or damaged one, fix it up and make my own outside shade with the images of the Trees and Giraffes right?

Well wrong, the lamps are a few hundred dollars, broken.

Dang it, I was getting frustrated.  Finally the time for the hop was drawing near and I wanted to do something so I bought a cheap garage sale lamp from a Facebook friend.
I figured I would just use the largest stamp from the Collection UMs to stamp the Sun and Trees onto the shade and then add my giraffes (which I bought separately since the Serengeti one was way too large.)

So step one unpack Trees kit.  Then realize that my Collection UM Stamp I want to use doesn't come until the beginning of next month since I bundle my kits.  Freak out a little because I'm really getting annoyed by the whole thing.  That's ok, I'll use the stencil, shouldn't be too hard with the lamp shade off.

Except the lamp shade doesn't come off.

Next step involves alcohol and banging head on counter.  Waiting until the night before the blog needs to be posted is now helpful as added motivation.  Additional shots help as well.

Ok so get some paint and the stencil and a foam brush and paint the portion of the stencil you want on your lamp shade, (that is still attached to the lamp.)
Now perfectly smash painted stencil onto lamp for an amazing scene.

Well this sucks.  This is just not turning out as planned at all.

Next step, more alcohol (tequila works) and a paintbrush.

So I used a small paintbrush to embellish the image and I added the stamped giraffes.
Except one of the stamped giraffes has a bit more ink and stamped sort of weird and he looks like a camel.  See him?  Third in line from the left.  He looks like the Geico camel.  But at this point if you have been drinking as instructed it still looks like a giraffe.  Kind of.

All in all it ended up not looking toooooo horrible but it's pretty bad.  It's not moving giraffes.

I shall call it "5 Giraffes and 1 Camel...Walking"

To finish please wash off your stencil, have another shot and stop the cat from eating the flowers...

 I hope you have enjoyed the journey here, it was a rough one.  If you are still standing from the shots you can click on over to Tiare's Blog (iclassygirl) to see what she has come up with this month!  If you get lost along the way feel free to hop back over to Club Scrap Creates to start over.

Happy Creating!!