Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ready...Set...Greetings to Go!

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap March Blog Hop!!
You should have hopped right over from Tiare's Blog but if you want to check out all the great posts this month feel free to "Hop" on over to the Club Scrap March Blog Hop post.

This month I'm featuring the newly "re-modeled" Greetings to Go Club from the 50s Kitchen collection.
It's been touted as the newer, gentler, easier version of the original with very little extra supplies needed to create 12 cards each month.  Being the kind of OCD person that I am I was a little skeptical if they were really as easy to create as they were advertised.  So I decided to have a little test run for you guys.  (You thought I was going to make something original didn't you?  Is this your first time on my blog??)

So picture it, a rainy Sunday afternoon and some 50th Anniversary Sound of Music tv show from the DVR (i heart that movie.)
So with my trusty table set up in the den I decided to see how long it would take to complete the Greetings To Go.  I started with the unopened pack and the directions open on my ipad.  I hadn't even read the directions yet...So...Ready Set Greetings to Go!!

I grabbed the list of supplies from the ipad and headed up the stairs to the loft (my crafting area which thrives in turmoil pretty much all of the time.)  So trip #1-I gathered everything from the list and plopped it on the table.  I started to read the directions and headed back up the stairs (trip #2) for my scor-pal (oops!)  Now I was ready...
So I did end up making trip #3 up the stairs to grab a better button adhesive but honestly folks in exactly 90 mins from the start of my supply gathering to the end of the process I had 12 perfectly made cards and just this left over.
Leslie came in partway through and swapped over to Ultimate Survivor Alaska so I might have paid a little more attention to the crafting than the tv...
But really I was surprised.  I made all of these including gathering, scoring, folding, decorating and even picking up in 90 minutes with only 4 trips up the stairs (including trip #4 which was to put everything away.)
My time included throwing the cats off the table approx. 5 times, stopping to look up something on the internet that was unrelated, putting some ribs in the oven and making the cards.  Pretty impressive.

I am constantly looking for easily portable crafting ideas and I think this is the perfect fit.  I'm anxious to try again next month and beat my 90 minute time!  Even if you aren't normally a card maker I invite you to try this re-tooled option for easy to make, impressive to give cards each month!

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment, your next stop on the hop is Ink Stains with Roni!

The cats have recovered from being tossed off the table...they knew you were concerned.

Until next month!!