Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bold Botanicals

Howdy Blog Hoppers, welcome to the April Club Scrap Blog Hop featuring the Botanicals kit!
You've just hopped from Hetty's Blog and if you want to check out all the project this month be sure to stop by The Club Scrap Blog.  Now that we have that out of the way we can skip right to my finished project this month...
I know right???  Super cool!  So let's learn a little about this card and the process.

First we are going to have a little lesson in German (this is a bonus today, you had no idea you would be learning German did you?)  The art of cutting paper is called Scherenschnitte.  It translates loosely from German as "scissor cuts".  I started playing with this 16th century art a few years ago when I was decorating my kitchen and I created these...
I was struck by the QDDLs that Ron posted in his blog post here.  I loved the black and white of the flowers and how well it popped.

To create this card first grab your stamp, some embossing ink, black embossing powder and some thick glossy paper.  I used some from the Retreat 2008 Life's A Stage kit.  Thick is best for cutting and the glossy I think embosses best.
Stamp and emboss your image (do it a couple times if you are kind of stamping and embossing challenged.)

Pick the one that ended up the best.  If you have a small light spot it can easily be fixed later with a permanent marker.  Just grab your craft knife and start cutting...
I found as I went that it was a little better to cut out the smaller areas first.  Leave the image as large as possible until you are finished.  About 30 minutes and some sore fingers later you have this...

(Yes that is actual Earth and Herbs Club Scrap paper from 2002.)  Mount your artwork with black pop dots on the printed paper and then I used a sheet of Textiles and Notions purple.

I was pretty pleased with the end result and don't tell anyone but I think it would make a great Mother's Day card for my mom!

Thanks for hopping by today and hop along to Debby's Blog.

Oh and before I forget...
AJ is very excited about next months' kit The Blues!  Can't you tell?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ready...Set...Greetings to Go!

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap March Blog Hop!!
You should have hopped right over from Tiare's Blog but if you want to check out all the great posts this month feel free to "Hop" on over to the Club Scrap March Blog Hop post.

This month I'm featuring the newly "re-modeled" Greetings to Go Club from the 50s Kitchen collection.
It's been touted as the newer, gentler, easier version of the original with very little extra supplies needed to create 12 cards each month.  Being the kind of OCD person that I am I was a little skeptical if they were really as easy to create as they were advertised.  So I decided to have a little test run for you guys.  (You thought I was going to make something original didn't you?  Is this your first time on my blog??)

So picture it, a rainy Sunday afternoon and some 50th Anniversary Sound of Music tv show from the DVR (i heart that movie.)
So with my trusty table set up in the den I decided to see how long it would take to complete the Greetings To Go.  I started with the unopened pack and the directions open on my ipad.  I hadn't even read the directions yet...So...Ready Set Greetings to Go!!

I grabbed the list of supplies from the ipad and headed up the stairs to the loft (my crafting area which thrives in turmoil pretty much all of the time.)  So trip #1-I gathered everything from the list and plopped it on the table.  I started to read the directions and headed back up the stairs (trip #2) for my scor-pal (oops!)  Now I was ready...
So I did end up making trip #3 up the stairs to grab a better button adhesive but honestly folks in exactly 90 mins from the start of my supply gathering to the end of the process I had 12 perfectly made cards and just this left over.
Leslie came in partway through and swapped over to Ultimate Survivor Alaska so I might have paid a little more attention to the crafting than the tv...
But really I was surprised.  I made all of these including gathering, scoring, folding, decorating and even picking up in 90 minutes with only 4 trips up the stairs (including trip #4 which was to put everything away.)
My time included throwing the cats off the table approx. 5 times, stopping to look up something on the internet that was unrelated, putting some ribs in the oven and making the cards.  Pretty impressive.

I am constantly looking for easily portable crafting ideas and I think this is the perfect fit.  I'm anxious to try again next month and beat my 90 minute time!  Even if you aren't normally a card maker I invite you to try this re-tooled option for easy to make, impressive to give cards each month!

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment, your next stop on the hop is Ink Stains with Roni!

The cats have recovered from being tossed off the table...they knew you were concerned.

Until next month!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keep Calm and Blog On

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap February Blog Hop featuring the London Calling kit!
If you came from Tiare's Blog you are following along perfectly.  If you'd like to check out a full list of today's bloggers please visit Club Scrap!

So remember last month when I made something awesome?  Well this month that didn't happen.  In fact it was all I could do to crank out this post today.  You see everything was going great, we had just returned from a week of vacation (oh how I wish I was there now!)

See how pretty and warm it was?  Well we then came home to an ice storm.  This below is just one of about 10 areas just on our street!

Seriously folks, power is very under-rated.  So we finally got power back last week and finally got stable internet up yesterday.  So for the last week and a half things have been a little crazy.  And Cold.  So I felt it was appropriate to make this card.

It was easy peasy.  I found a website where I could generate my own "Keep Calm" printable here.  I have three different family members moving in the next couple weeks and I thought the little house with the "Move On" was appropriate.  The whole idea was actually my mom's as I was frantic in the 11th hour to come up with something, anything for the hop today.  (Thanks Mom for bailing me out.)  I just printed out 3 of them and slapped them together with the awesome Greetings to Go set.  You could also use the unmounted stamp included with the kit to make your own "Keep Calm" saying.

AJ approves of the work.  I stamped this cute saying from the In The Neighborhood Um stamp set on the inside.
So I know it's not an amazing spectacular project like the rest you will hop to today but it was as good as it got with all the craziness going on. 

In closing I did a little research and did you know that the original Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster released for WWII by the British Government Propaganda Department?  There were a total of three different poster themes but this one actually wasn't widely distributed.  Most all the posters were gathered and reduced to pulp at the end of the war in 1945.   A bookseller stumbled on a copy in 2005 and it's popularity has skyrocketed since.

So if you are having a crazy week, month or even year so far just remember...

Now feel free to "Carry On" to your next stop on the hop Inkstains with Roni!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Month Late...Idea Stealing!

Howdy Blog Hoppers and Welcome to the...Constellations Blog Hop!
We have swapped up the order for the hop this month so in case you're confused (admit it, you're confused aren't you?)  Feel free to hop on back to The Club Scrap Blog.

So in December I went to a little local craft show and saw the cutest idea for a project.  I planned on stealing borrowing it for the Reunion Blog Hop...except I got busy.  You know how December is right?  Cray-cray!  So one month later I adapted my original idea for the Constellations Kit and came up with a little something like this...
It's a wooden wall hanging with clips so you can change out the photos whenever you want to.  In the little booth I saw they had them going both vertically and horizontally in all different shapes and sizes and colors.  I saw kids themes, sporting themes, you name it!  So here are the easy steps you can take if you want to make one for your very own!!

Step One-Buy some wood.  I ended up with a 1"x8" 8 ft long from our local Home Depot.  I had them cut it in half at the store (this makes it easier for transporting.)  I actually chose sort of a mid-grade wood.  It is worth it to have as few "knot" holes as possible.

Step Two-Lay out your idea to see the final size your wood should be.  Considering my work table currently looks like this...
I decided to lay mine out on the floor.  You aren't really having to go for perfection here just a general idea.  I used three 5x7 scraps of paper as a guide and left spacing for the clips and the stencil letters and then I made a pencil line so I would know where it needed to be cut.
Step Three-Find someone handy with power tools.  I know, I could have done this myself but sometimes it is ok to ask for help.  Leslie said to be sure to score your cutting line on the top side with a box cutter, this assures you will have a clean cut.  If you don't do this you might just need to do a little sanding.  No biggie.
Step Four-Paint your wood.  Try to find a cat free area and protect it with something.  This old plastic tablecloth works nicely.
I used three coats of white acrylic paint to cover and then I added a layer of silvery glitter acrylic paint as well.
Step Five-Fix up your decorations.  I cut 3 ea. mattes of 5x7 Constellations paper (the 12x12 Navy star print and the 8 1/2 x 11 burgundy star print.)  I also used the stencil to draw and then cut out my WISH letters.  It helps if you draw your pencil lines on the back side of the paper you want to use (flipping the stencil backwards.)
Step Six-Put it all together!  I used Club Scrap bookbinding glue to carefully glue down my 5x7 mattes, my WISH letters and my ribbon.  Using the grid ruler here is super helpful to make sure you keep even spacing between your mattes.
Step Seven (optional)-I went ahead and added two layers of mod podge over my entire project.  It really helped everything stay down and in place.  Both my ribbon and my mattes got a little "bubbly" in this process.  Luckily on the mattes it doesn't matter because they will be covered with the photos.  The ribbon?  Well it just has a little more character now.

Step Eight-Attach your clips.  Again there were power tools involved here but I don't think there would have to be.  I saw different clips that could be glued down, nailed down or even magnetic.  These grey ones came again from Home Depot.

The final step involved me hurriedly getting a few photos printed, racing to pick them up and adding them to my project with the clips so I had something neat-o to show you all today!


I hope you like it (if you buy a whole piece of wood you'll have plenty to make two!)  Thanks for joining me, Leslie and AJ the cat as we hopped today.  Next stop is Ink Stains with Roni!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 Steps for a Blog Hop Project

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap November Lake Blog Hop...
If you'd like to start at the beginning of the hop at any time (after you read mine of course) please just hop yourself back to Club Scrap Creates for a full list of what we have for you today.

Today I'd like to give you a simple, easy to follow set of 10 steps for creating the perfect Blog Hop Project from your Lakes kit (which is so pretty isn't it?)
Since I live on a lake I had lots of great ideas all month about what to do with my kit (or you would think that wouldn't you?)!
The most important thing when figuring out what you are going to make is the planning.  I like making a to-do list.  So...

Step #1-Make a to-Do List that includes your Blog Hop Project. (Look how cute, it's even in kit colors!)

Step #2-Go shopping for any extra supplies you might need.  Don't get distracted.
Oh Look!!  Frozen fabric!!

Step #3-Spend lots of spare time working on your project.  Again, don't let yourself get distracted by other projects, hobbies or tasks.
This one was from the devil I think.

Step #4-When it is approx. 2 days before the project is due clean off your workspace.

Step #5-Make sure you eat a healthy lunch to prepare you for an afternoon of project making.

Step #6-Get to work.
Wait a minute.  Who took that picture.  I was working on my project.  Really.  Ok well if you need a nap it might help get the creative juices flowing.  Or you might just want to spend the day under the electric throw watching football.

Step #7-On the day before you need to post your blog, send any photos off to be printed.  Go pick them up.  Run by the drugstore, grocery store, library and any other end of the month errands you need to take care of.  Do laundry.  Pack for an out of town trip.  Pay work bills, pay personal bills, make dinner.  Then get to work for real on your project because you are running out of time.

Step #8-Clear any animals, children or husbands off your crafting space.

Step #9-Cut out the only sheet of unmounted stamps you haven't already prepped because it is the one that has the stamp you want to use on it.  Rub stamps with Mount-It.  Let dry.  Eat dinner.  Have hotly debated conversation about the state of the world.  Wash dishes.

Step #10-Complete Project.
Face it, you didn't think I was going to actually get there did you?  Me either.  But I did.  Oddly I ended up with a picture from a spur of the moment trip to Lake Michigan with my Mom and Dad instead of a picture from home.

Supplies Used-
3 Sheets of Lakes Paper plus POPs.
Seaside Cut Out
Mosaic Twist Tiles
Lakes Embellishments
Paper Clip from my stash.
Safety pin from Textiles and Notions
Ocean and Spruce Club Scrap Ink
Lake UM Stamp
Oopsie Daisy Splatter Stamp

I hope you enjoyed this simple list for creating a super duper Blog Hop Project.  We are so worn out we need naps!

Hop on over to Tiare's Blog for your next stop on this hop!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Club Scrap's Homestead Meets Darius Rucker

Howdy Club Scrappers and Friends,

Howdy seems especially appropriate for this month's kit "Homestead"!  Thanks for stoppin by for the October Blog Hop.

(At any time if you want to start at the beginning of the hop just stop by The Club Scrap Blog.)

So this month I made something for your enjoyment...yup, pick your jaw right up off the floor because I actually made something and I even used some of the actual Homestead kit items!  Shocked aren't you?  I felt the kit was super great for my redneck Southern down home personality!

So to start I need to get you in the mood for this little card I whipped up.  Are you familiar with Darius Rucker?  Former front man for Hootie and the Blowfish turned county music superstar.  He sings a fun little ditty called "Wagon Wheel" and if you haven't heard it or want to hear it again just click here!  (The video features back-up singing by Lady Antebellum as well as some appearances from some of my favorite rednecks from Duck Dynasty!)  Now that you've heard it feel free to sing and hum it for hours, all day, for're welcome!

I decided that with the Rockin, rocking chair stamp and the Wagon Wheel stamps (all from the Unmounted stamp sets) that I'd make a special Wagon Wheel card for my mom (dear Mom, I was going to mail this to you before the blog came out but I forgot so act surprised when it comes!)

I wanted a card with a pull-out wagon wheel on the top.  It's kinda hard to explain so I'll just walk you through it.

Step 1 (for me)-Pick an envelope you already have and size your card to it.  Try to figure out how big your card needs to be.  You might want to sketch it out, there might be multiple drafts.  I decided to make a "pocket card" but since my envelope was longer than 6" I had to use two pieces of paper to make it.  I have included this helpful diagram.
Ok well that sort of didn't work out right.  So here is a bit of a guideline.  Measure envelope and cut a piece of solid paper the exact size you want your card.  This will be the back of your pocket.  Cut another piece of paper to be 1" wider across (1/2" for either side) and 1/2" longer than you want your finished card.  This is the pocket front.  (But don't actually do this yet because you might need to adjust, see below NOTE)  You are totally following this so far right?

Step 2.-Score the card front at 1/2" from each side and 1/2" from the bottom.  I needed some help with this step, obviously.
Step 3.-Draw and pencil line across the bottom corners of the pocket and cut along the hashed lines.
Step 4.-Fold in along the score lines to make a pocket and use some kind of fairly decent adhesive on the folded flaps to stick your back cover onto your pocket.  (I might use 1" wide flaps next time.)

Step 5-I stamped the wagon wheel pull out on a scrap paper and cut it out to determine how large I needed the inside page.  (NOTE-After doing this I realized if the inside page was the same size as the pocket and you have a rounded wagon wheel on the top that the entire card won't fit in the envelope-don't be me.  I trimmed down the entire pocket by about an inch to make the wheel fit into the envelope.)
Step 6-After cutting out the inside pull out panel I went about decorating all my pieces.  I used the splatter stamp from the Oopsie Daisy set to add some background to the pocket and back piece.

I also stamped, embossed and then fancy cut out the large Wagon Wheel stamp.

I stamped the front of the card with the Rocking Chair and used the UM Expressions font for my "Rock Me Momma" sentiment.
Step 7.-Stick everything down and find a nice picturesque place to photo your finished card!

And here is what it looks like when you slide the inside panel inside the pocket!

Nifty huh?  I'm so glad I was able to exactly show you how to make this neat card...sort of.  Now I'm sure there are lots of great formulas and diagrams for making pocket pages, next time I might consult one. =) 

Thanks from me and AJ and MaryAnne for stopping by and have fun hopping along to your next stop at  Tiare Smith's Blog.