Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spicing it Up Club Scrap Style!

Howdy Blog Hoppers and Welcome to the November Club Scrap Blog Hop featuring the Moroccan Spice Kit!   You've probably hopped over from Marya's Blog and if you need to find any more of the excellent projects for this month just hop on over to Club Scrap's Blog.

Things have been a little crazy lately as I am trying to sort of clean up and clean out my multiple crafting areas so when I set out to make something this month before my Thanksgiving trip out of town I was at a bit of a loss.  Heck, I couldn't even find my kit (oops).

I did find a cat in a box.
Nope that's not the kit!

I finally found my kit, grabbed my POPs, the extra awesome stencil that was a special order this month and I went to find a place to create.

Hmmmm obviously not there.  To the kitchen I headed with the following supplies:

-2 card bases from an older mixed paper pack, 2 mattes cut from Moroccan Spice POPs, some painter's masking tape, and some white acrylic paint.

Next I masked off my mattes on some scratch paper.  Note a grid ruler is helpful.

Next I painted carefully within the area remaining.

I left them for about 15 mins and then peeled off the tape.  Be very careful, some of the paper might want to stick to the tape (that's why we made 2 right?)

So here are your mattes now.  So once they are totally dry grab your stencil and some corrdinating ink colors.

Ink up inside the white area with the coordinating color you like.   If you get some on the edge like this...

It's really ok, I just rubbed some extra ink on the ends of the papers to make it blend in.

Here are your finished panels.  Now all you have to do is let them dry, stamp out some sentiments and pop them on your card bases!

Ta-da!!!  Not too shabby?   I hope you enjoyed my super easy tutorial, now back to cleaning! 

MaryAnne wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!  Until next time Hop on along to Donna's Blog!


  1. Great cards and fun technique.
    Have to try this!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh Janet, you totally crack me up, thanks for the giggles this morning. Love your kitties and love your cards. Great technique for using with that awesome stencil!

  3. Wow - love that technique and your cards look great! Have a great day Janet!

  4. 1. Your blog always makes me smile. And typically laugh out loud.
    2. Congrats on your cleaning efforts. I have no space with which to craft in my craft room.
    3. Awesome tutorial with that stencil! Thanks for doing that!

  5. Your stenciling is perfect, great cards and thanks for being so fun!

  6. Love how you used the bonus stencil. The ink is very striking on the white gesso. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  7. Love to see how your crafting space has no room to craft in, like mine! I love the "reverse" stenciling going on with the painted backgrounds!

  8. Great kitten (looks like mine!) ans lovely project. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Voila - a nice flat layer and a great idea for using darker papers!

  10. I am at this rather late, but really look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing (great cards!) and good luck cleaning up - you can come to my place and help me next...