Wednesday, September 30, 2015

These Cards "Rock"

Howdy "Blog Hoppers" and welcome to the Club Scrap September Blog Hop featuring the stunning, and I mean really awesome Transformations Kit!
At any point you'd like to check out all the stops on this month's blog hop (and you totally should) feel free to "hop" on back to The Club Scrap Blog to check out all the other "rockin" projects this month.

So from the time I saw the spoilers at the end of last month this kit reminded me of our yard.  I know that sounds a little goofy but here...let me show you...

(By the way don't tell LVP that I posted photos of the yard without him blowing the leaves off the grass first.)  But see how we use the river rock as a drainage solution?  It reminds me very much of the rock images in the kit!  So I decided to focus on the rocks...and ended up with these!!

So to keep things easy I'll break this down into steps!

Step One-Get out in nature and take a picture of some rocks!  (Or in my case, go to your front yard and take pictures of your rocks.  Note: If the mailman or UPS man happen to drive by while you are doing this you might get some odd stares.  If you luck out like me and they BOTH drive by in a span of 2 minutes you'll feel like a real dummy.)

Step Two-Print the photos.  You can print them on your own photo printer, have them printed or just be like me who was running way short on time and just print them out on your work color copier.  (Trust me, your boss won't mind.)

Step Three-Gather materials.  I used 2 ea. 8 1/2" by 11" brown pieces for 4 ea. card bases and 1 ea. cream sheet for the 4 ea. inside mattes.  Then all I needed was the trusty Transformations HPOP!
Step Four-Cut and score your brown sheets, trim your "rockin" rock mattes, and find some appropriate "rockin" stamps to embelllish your cards.

(Note this step is "Cat Optional" but I really think AJ adds flair to the cards.)

Step Five-Stick everything down and call yourself a winner!

I created 4 cards-the first two were very similar and used the Transformations stacked rock stamp and the "Hope Your Birthday Rocks" stamp.
Next I dug deep into the stash for the Fizz UM Font stamps for this card.
And finally even deeper for the (I think) Reaching Out special release (post Hurricane Katrina) Wood Mounted Stamp for this great quote about stones.
So there you have it, a "Rockin" card set with a little taste of my front yard!  I hope you enjoyed my quick cards this month and "hop along" to the next blog on the list Artfully Balanced with Anne Marie!


  1. Your photo's and this kit are just a perfect match!
    Love your "rock"cards.

  2. What a cool idea Janet!! I love photo cards and yours really do ROCK!! love them!

  3. 50% entertainment + 50% creativity = 100% inspiration!!! You rock!

  4. Love them and so does my Piers cat!!

  5. Janet you always make me laugh when I read your blog! Tricia should re-issue that stone sentiment stamp again. Love the quote! Have a great day!

  6. So much fun! There is so much depth to the photos and that adds to the cards.
    Beth M

  7. Very clever! Looks like my Schatzi
    supervising your creations.

  8. Wonderful and so entertaining. Love the cat!!!

  9. Clever! AJ looks like a good supervisor!

  10. What a neat idea - photos of rocks - beautiful cards!

  11. What a great idea! Love, love, love your cards and the quote from Reaching Out is one of my all time favorites!

  12. Your cards DO totally rock! Youre so much fun Janet! Beautiful yard too!

  13. I love the addition of the photo-realistic rock panels. You rock, your cards rock, and AJ, well, he rocks, too!

  14. Your yard is beautiful - leaves and all! And how clever to use photos of the rocks - great idea. AJ, as always, is a wonderful supervisor.

  15. What a clever idea! I love your photo cards and I love AJ sitting there supervising. What a sweet kitty he is. Biru (my Siamese) loved adhesive, would go crazy for it, so he was banned from my scrap room :)