Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5.5 Month Post Adrenal Surgery Update

Does that sound like an exciting blog post?  I agree, pretty boring.  But for the folks keeping up with my Cushing's recovery I thought I would post a quick update.

Good News-
--My right adrenal is waking up and working at about half capacity.  I don't think it yet realizes that it needs to function for both of them since the left one is gone.  They are leaving my medication level alone for a few weeks to try to stabilize everything.

Bad News-
--I sort of no longer care about food.  Cooking it, looking at it, eating it.

Good News-
--I've lost 50 pounds!

Bad News-
--Apparently when you drop weight very quickly-this happens.

Luckily they are not bothering me too much and the doctor is taking a wait and see approach on them.  My liver levels are all out of whack but it's not too painful at this time.

I'm getting ready to go on vacation with my family.  It's MUCH needed but I must admit to being apprehensive about traveling.  While all my numbers are good I'm actually feeling worse than a few months ago (this is apparently normal.)  One of those it gets worse before it gets better things I guess?

But thanks for checking in, and you can thank me for not posting the actual images I found online when I Googled "gallstones".