Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My "Big Deal" Ink Deck

Welcome ya'll!  I hope you are here for the Big Deal Blog Hop...
I'm sure Debby had something awesome for you and now you are here stuck with me.  I have to admit I was a little puzzled (ha) to come with something for this month's hop.  Work has been sucking my life blood right out and has left very few brain cells to come up with creative projects for display.  (Stupid work always gets in the way of crafting.)  

I really wanted to tackle the deck of cards included in the Big Deal Club Scrap kit.  You can buy the blank decks here.  I wasn't sure I could do something with all 52 of them but I got a good start.  You can make your own "Ink Deck" by following my exact and perfectly random directions.

Step One-Remove Cat from crafting chair--"MaryAnne you are in my way!"  If you do not happen to have a cat in your chair you can skip directly to Step Two.
Step Two-Make the Outsides of your deck by following Tricia's Directions found here.  Note that she rounded her corners and her's looks great...
If you will notice on my example above I have not rounded the corners.  I don't have one of those chompers and my regular corner rounder wouldn't cut into the matte board.  And I was in a hurry.

It also helps in the process if you have someone double check your measurements.  AJ was happy to oblige.

Step Three-Decorate your covers with whatever you are going to put inside your deck.  If you will notice mine says "Ink Deck".  (I tried stamping it with a font and it looked dorky after 4 tries so handwritten it is!)
I guess I should briefly explain...I keep samples of my ink colors on some random index cards that are in a ring, they are kind of messy, stamped on both sides and old.  See...?
Step Four-Start stamping on the cards in the deck like this...I stamped the first stamp and then a second generation stamp a second time right next to the first.
Stamp out all 52 cards in the ink colors you own.

Or...stamp out about 20 and get tired and quit and save the rest for another time.   It's been one of those months.

It's one of those work in progress projects...I do like that I can add to the deck at all time.  So add your stamped cards into the deck and add the rings.
I wish I had also inked the edges of each card in the corresponding ink, but hey...I can add that later too!

Although sketchy I hope I have given you an idea for that big ol blank deck of cards!  Tune in next month for the "Trees" Blog Hop, where you may or may not see a photo of a cat and I may or may not actually complete the whole project.

The next stop on the hop is with Tiare at iclassygirl.  If you missed any stops along the way head back to Club Scrap Creates!

Thanks for stopping by!