Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Splashy Margarita Card

Howdy Blog Hoppers and Welcome to the Cantina Blog Hop!  

I'm a HUGE fan of the kit this month (I feel like I have been waiting for it for about two years-I think I have!)  I hope you hopped on over from Deb's Blog or if you would like to catch up on all of today's action just hop back to The Club Scrap Blog Page.

So I was really geeking out from the moment I heard the name of this kit, all the way to spoiler time and then even more when it hit my door step!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do-

Make a card with an actual margarita in it!!
Ok now that I've already spoiled the entire post with the finished product I'll show you how I dreamed up this bad boy (and yes I actually had a dream about it before I started!)
It all starts with a vacuum food saver.  
Now I know what you are thinking..."but Janet, I don't have one of those things!"  Well then you can't make the totally awesome card!!  Ok well you might be able to get away with using a small snack zip bag or even a smaller bag-like the kind you might use to carry medications when you travel?  But for sure the best way to make a perfectly sealed tiny pouch of margarita is to use this puppy!

(*Disclaimer #1-I did not fill the pouch with actual margarita because that would be a waste of a perfectly good drink.  Food coloring and water works just fine!)

 And there you have it, a perfect tiny pouch!

Now I recommend you make your pouch and then size your card because making the pouch to an exact size is tricky.  So my next step was to trace the margarita stencil on a scrap piece of paper and then blow it up with a copy machine to match the size of my pouch!
"But Janet I don't have a copy machine!"  Really?  You don't have access somewhere to a copy machine?  Ok...if not you could also free hand the margarita glass...I suppose.

Next up grab the supplies you need to make your card.  (Cat is not required to complete project.)

I used my copied margarita glass template to choose my envelope size and then I made the card slightly smaller than the envelope since it was going to be kind of "puffy."  The card size ended up being about 5 1/2 by 7 but again yours might vary based on the size of the pocket of liquid.

Use your margarita glass template to trace and then cut out your glass shape.  I outlined mine with black marker to help it stand out.
Now you are ready to assemble. 
Since this isn't a shaker card with loose items you don't really need to worry about sealing all four sides of the card panel.  I just used some foam tape at the top and bottom and actually attached the sides with regular double sided tape for strength.  (It would be nice if I had a photo of this step but I don't.)

So with your pouch in place, add it to your card base and then decorate as you wish.  When you are done you end up with something like this...

A little stickles glue for the salted rim worked perfectly.

(*Disclaimer #2-Don't mail this card.  Really ya'll the postal service will hate you.  That whole "does this have anything liquid, fragile, perishable thing?"  They are pretty serious about that.  Plus it would probably bust in the mail system and make a huge mess and ruin the card you just spent hours making?  Just use it as a nice card to hand to someone at a birthday party or something?  Don't mail the card!)

Ok now that we covered that...I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my dream world today and I'm waiting to find the very perfect person to give this card to (in person, not in the mail!)

TTFN-(ta ta for now!)  Hop on over to Anne Marie's Blog for your next stop on the hop! 



  1. I love this! And, your running commentary had me giggling throughout! And, if someone doesn't have access to a photocopier, but does have a computer and camera/scanner, they could enlarge the template with software, too.

  2. LOL - Janet you are the best! Love the card and all the disclaimers.. I promise I won't try and mail the liquid filled card. Great job!!

  3. Awesome and of course the cat is required for any and all projects!

  4. What a fun card,Janet, you think you can mail this without getting the postman drunk??

  5. What a cute idea for a card. I love your helper. Super job!

  6. Oh best!!!!!

    P.S. and really clever too!

  7. Awesome card Janet. And as always, I save your post to read last. It always makes my day.

  8. ROFL - only you!! I love it and I know some people that would appreciate receiving that card as well ;)

    TFS your fun idea!

  9. When you said "it's a doozy", you weren't kidding! What a fun idea. Thanks for the USPS disclaimer . . . as a spouse of a USPS employee, I know they appreciate it! ;)

  10. Perfect! I have the pouch maker thingy, the cat, and I am out of stamps. This is the card for me!

  11. And I always read yours first! So much fun.
    Love ya,
    Mom, I mean Beth

  12. Brilliant card. You could use cheap hair gel and ziplock bag as well. Love your sense of humor!

  13. Amazing card! LOL! I agree with Pauladawn - cheap hair gel works good too! Thanks for a fun idea!

  14. I love your posts! And your creativity! TFS!!

  15. This is awesome... gotta say, I would never have thought about the mail issue~ thanks for that. Wonder how my new WRMK pocket maker will work to do this?

  16. You are too fun and creative! LOVE the margarita pocket!

  17. Janet, this is both an amazing card and an amazing use of a kitchen utensil - thank you for always thinking outside of the box!

  18. FINALLY getting around to hopping along, but I'd heard rumors about how epic your project was. As usual, you did not disappoint! 'Ya sure you don't want to mail that to me?