Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Foodie Mecca...

I thought I would take a few minutes today to tell you about my new favorite place to grocery shop-The Buford Highway Farmer's Market.  (Located just North of 285 on Buford Highway)  At first I was slightly put off by this security "lookout" in the parking lot.  But after my first trip (on a busy Saturday morning--I warn you, don't make your first trip on a Saturday) I realized that hopefully the security lookout is just there because it is a completely chaotic, busy parking lot.
Inside the store is clean, recently renovated and full of every imaginable type of fresh fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood-and some unimaginable!  The produce prices are pretty hard to beat-for example limes at Publix have been 3 for $2, at this place 5 for $1.  I would say that I recognize approx. 25% of the produce available with the rest of it a crazy mix of different ethnic fruits and veggies.  I'm not sure what Sook Kat Leaf is but $1.19 seems like a good price!
They have both a Hispanic type bakery as well as an Eastern European bakery.  There is a large selection of specialty meats and cheeses in the European deli as well.  One of my favorite areas is the fish/seafood section where you can select from probably over 50 varieties of whole fish, cut to order.  They also have live trout, lobsters, crawfish and other crustaceans to choose from.  Beware long lines on the weekend.  (For example if your take a number from the machine is 40, they may only be on number 1.  There are actually benches and seats for the wait.)
The meat section has quite the selection, variety, freak show of a collection of meat products.  For example I offer the following conglomeration of tasty morsels you can pick up while you are there...
It looks like you even get more than one snout for $3.35-what a deal!

Finally it helps to know a bit about exactly you are looking for before you head down-other wise you could be face with decisions like this-what exactly are in all of these bags and how do you pick what to buy?
Or there's this product which was on sale-which is great-if you had any clue whatsoever of what it might be.
Really in all seriousness, I actually do love this place.  I buy all of my sushi making materials here.  (If you are looking for the sushi grade fish take note that it is in the far left side of the store-separate from the area with the fishmongers.)  I could browse in here for hours I head on down...tell them I sent you...although I don't think anyone will understand what you are saying.


  1. Janet, that looks like a fun place to shop!!

  2. I love this place too, Janet. And it's funny that you pointed out Sook Kat leaf - my cat's name is Sookie and I was curious what Sook Kat was. I ate a leaf of it there in the farmers market. It had no taste really, so then I wondered if it was some weird medicinal herb. I self-monitored the rest of the weekend to make sure I didn't have hallucinations or sprout extra body parts, but so far so good.