Monday, October 11, 2010

If At First Your Don't Suceed...

So somewhere back around May 25th I posted this very frank post about losing weight.  Well needless to say the summer weight loss plan didn't really go "as planned."  I wrote last week about joining Weight Watchers and so far I'm pretty pleased.  My list of things to try to do in the last thread posted above was pretty straightforward but I just couldn't figure out how to do it.  Lack of motivation, too many summer plans, I'm really not sure.  Whatever the reason for the failure in the last few months I seem to have had a really nice turn around.  Again I can't really say why, I don't think it's $40 a month I'm paying to WW, maybe it is the change in the weather, or maybe just one of those really need to "come to my senses" things.

All of the things I struggled with in the last few months I seem to be able to handle now, the less drinking, more moving, eating less, eating more healthy and even getting in breakfast every day all seem to be hitting their strides.  I have to admit to being very frustrated the first few days on the program, mostly because I was struggling with what to cook for dinner.  Now it seems the foodie in me has taken over the challenge and hunting down healthy recipes has given me the motivation for label reading, calorie counting and trying some swaps in recipes.

I'm almost 2 weeks in, which granted isn't a very long time but I feel confident about my future progress.  I also just flat out FEEL BETTER.  I'm amazed at the difference in the treadmill already.  I wouldn't think a couple weeks of more moving would really help that much but it seems to have helped a lot.  Just a few things I have noticed so far...
 1. No drinking seems to be working better than cutting back.
2. Progresso soups are my friend (especially at lunch!)
3. An apple around 5pm helps me get through til dinner time.
4. 100 calorie popcorn bags are a great "fill up" snack.
So that's it in a nutshell so far-more updates to come!


  1. Way to go Janet! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes!! Great job and I know what you mean about how quickly the results are seen. It amazes me what a little bit of exercise a day will do. Keep it up Janet!!