Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Planting...

Well folks, it's about that time...that's right...time for planting.  Actually I thought last weekend would be planting weekend but our local weather guru Ken Cook (a fellow gardener who lives very near here) said to hold off and he was right.  Lows in the 30's predicted for tonight!  We got some trees cut down to provide for more sunlight in the gardening area (by got them cut I mean Leslie cut, I tugged on the rope, he cut it up and split it and I loaded it.)  So as a plus we are set for wood for awhile!
We got it tilled up (by that I mean we borrowed a tiller, Leslie tilled and I stayed out of the way.)
So now the watching and waiting game starts.  I'd like to get some things planted this weekend, but we basically haven't had any rain for almost a month and the plants I need to purchase are not on sale.  The plants I am raising inside are doing fairly well.
 Someone mentioned to me that growing them indoors might cause them to be "leggy" and they were right, I think it is because they are reaching for the sun from the windows.
All the pepper varieties from New Mexico State University are growing well, while two packs of older seeds I had leftover from last year didn't germinate at all.  I'm glad I tested them inside before planting directly.
I'm going to watch the sale ads that come out tomorrow and decide if it is time to go ahead with everything or not.  It looks like it is going to be a nice weekend for planting...

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