Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grab Bagging Into Cape Cod

Welcome Blog Hoppers (and my normal blog visitors who may feel like they just clicked into the twilight zone!!)  I hope most of you have made it over from Debby's Blog (I promise I tried to embed this like the others!)  ( to join me in the Club Scrap Cape Cod Blog Hop...(say that five times fast.)

I know my artistic talent is FAR surpassed by many of my fellow Hoppers and I guarantee you that they did not pick me to be last in the Hop because of my amazing creative ability or that they were saving the best for last. 

I was just the last person to sign up. (Shrugs)

I just hope I can make up for my crafty shortcomings with my slick, witty humor.

Today's focus is on the fabulous and already hoarded Cape Cod kit.  Now everyone raise their hands if they love the kit (right I see you all.)  Now raise both hands if you are saying there is no way I can cut into my wonderful Cape Cod papers to make cards (I see you guys too.)  So how about you pull out all those great Unmounted Stamps and make some cards with some Grab Bag papers.  What?  You don't have any Grab Bag papers?  Well I'm glad you asked because you can get your very own here (12x12), here (8 1/2 x 11), and I also like these (8 1/2 x 11 seconds).  When you amass a large collection of these papers you will end up with something like this...

Look at all that great card making potential!  So here's what I did, I pulled out some papers (Games Navy, Workbench Red and a Culinary White print (backside) and my Cape Cods stamps and I whipped out this little beauty.  The base card is just an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper cut in half and then scored in half again with mattes cut to fit.  No special formula this time.
 I was on a roll so I grabbed a couple more pieces from the box...
(Isn't it way better to have a cruddy picture with a cat in the way than a great blogworthy picture?)  This is some Architecture Grey, Workbench Silver, Down to Earth Green and another piece of the Culinary White print (turned over)-and one of my cats-A.J.  So I did the same thing with the papers (only the grey wasn't a full sheet so I ended up with this.)

A couple more stamps and I ended up with this...(I really need to use my real camera next time I do this instead of my iphone.)
Ok so I actually ended up with two cards like the one above and one card with the dark grey and silver but I hated the way I stamped on it and it's my blog so I decided not to post it!  Ha!  Finally I grabbed some Gratitude print, some Autumn Splendor light brown (and a Refresh text UM Stamp) and some more of the white and ended up with these...
So a whole bunch of cards with some fabulous stamps using some great papers that I got for a great deal-I've always been a bargain shopper!  (Note that I have been buying grab bags for a long time so your papers will be from more recent kits and will vary.)

So I sure hope you enjoyed your Blog Hopping today.  At any point you can go back to Club Scrap Creates to start the blog over or see a list of all of the Bloggers from today.

By the way-should Blogger be capitalized? 


  1. Janet, you are always great for a chuckle :) Thanks for that!
    Love how you took the hop as an opportunity to dig into your GRAB BAG stash! Love it and your creations are fabulous. The coloring technique is so fun and easy! Great job and so glad they saved the best for last.

  2. Fun times Janet, and hey, I have a "bit" of grab bag paper as well.
    Thanks for sharing your card creations with us.


  3. Janet, great blog, great cards and a super sense of humor. Thanks for the smiles, cuz I needed them today! I'm so glad you raised your hand and decided to join us!!!!

  4. Your cards turned out great! Thanks for the laugh, too...I just love your writing style!

  5. Janet, I love the "rest" cards. What a great idea for a card.

  6. Your great wit is so enjoyable, but your cards are awesome, my fav is the gray with flip flops and I will shamelessly be copying!So glad you joined the hop.

  7. You're a nut! Just like the rest of us! Great cards that will be "lifted".

  8. Such a fun post Janet! And your cards turned out wonderfully! I really like how you have a "hoard" and "for use" stash ;)

  9. You certainly don't have any craft shortcomings! That's just silly talk! You have a lot of talent in many areas, obviously, so glad you joined us on the hop!!!
    Keep taking good care!

  10. Janet, your cards are awesome especially the flip flop one! Thank you for brightening up my day.

  11. Just started reading these blogs and think that you did a super creative job with what you used! I used to live in Georgia and really liked your blog photo with the sunflower!! And no, "blog" isn't capitalized unless it's used as a "proper" noun. How long have you been crafting? I see you also have a "furbaby..." they sure are nice company - we have 2 little dogs. Hope you have more "good" days compared to "bad/yucky" days.

  12. Really fun post and cute cards!

  13. Janet, thanks for joining the blog hop and i love the way your cards turn out and how you tell they came to be. They way is also very imortant!

  14. Great cards and a witty blog!

  15. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next month :)
    Don't cha just love those paper sales!!!