Friday, June 14, 2013

Knock Knock-Barry Manilow calling

So I promised a great post about my new chicken rooster-and the week almost slipped away from me!  I'd like you all to meet...Barry Manilow the Rooster.
See it all started when someone forwarded me a link to this post in a blog.   (I'll warn you this blog contains some pretty ripe language.)  So for the last over year and a half I have been on the lookout for a giant metal chicken of my own.  Surprisingly they are expensive.  The larger ones are around $250+.  While my dream of chicken ownership was huge I just felt like that was too much money for a lawn/garden ornament.
Fast Forward to last Friday evening when my buddy Liz sent me this picture from HomeGoods...
2 feet of metal chicken goodness for only $39.99!!  I couldn't resist.  In fact I have since called 7 HomeGoods locations looking for one to give as a gift and they are all out.  It was chicken fate.  Luckily Liz was able to purchase this last remaining one and bring it by last weekend.
Knock Knock...

Since I'm not a huge Beyonce fan and I decided this was a boy chicken I decided to name him Barry Manilow.  Also since I don't have a garden for him to watch over this year I decided he belonged in my office, on my work table.  Everyone needs a metal chicken named Barry Manilow on their work table right?  I thought so.  You are all just jealous!

P.S. If the blog link above doesn't work you can check out my chicken inspiration here...

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