Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hopping through Wisteria aka Feeling Inadequate

Welcome blog hoppers to the Club Scrap July Wisteria Blog Hop (what a mouthful!)
So it's not a secret to many folks that I'm just not a flowery person.  I'm just not real into girly kinds of things.  So a floral themed kit was going to be a stretch for my creative side.  Give me a monster truck themed kit or maybe a hot dog themed kit and I'd be good to go.  But flowers?

I was feeling slightly inspired by a card I found on Pinterest that had a cut out side-of course now I can't find the card or the link so I can't show you what it's SUPPOSED to look like.  But here is how mine turned out...

It's not exactly a work of art but the process was easy so here we go...

Pick out three pieces of paper, 3 ea. 8 1/2 by 11 sheets are perfect. (Or one 8 1/2 x 11 and two smaller pieces of scraps is fine.)
This is DIY Light Brown and kind of a creamy white and that is the backside of a purple print from Tiny Treasures (oldies but goodies as usual.)

Fold the paper you want as your card base in half and then trim and layer the other two pieces something like this (where they all butt up against the right hand side where the card opens.)
Don't stick the front panel on yet, just make sure it is the size you would like.  Then start stamping.  This is some Wisteria UM stamps along with Colorbox Chalk Wisteria ink (and a brown marker for the stem/branch.)

It is at this stage that you might go through several drafts.  You might be a cruddy stamper and you are lucky you have about 10 sheets of the TT light purple cause you just can't get the stamping done right...but when you are slightly happy with the results then start kicking it up a bit.
I added some CS Mahogany ink with the stencil, what is that anyways, like a fence thing?  Whatever it is, add it on there with the branches sort of going into it?  Then some vines from the UM stamps with the CS Moss ink.  I still wasn't really happy with it so I got out the Vivid Lavender ink and did this...
Ah, getting better.  So next get your card base and stamp the inside right hand side of the card like this...
Then you stick everything down and you cut out along the right hand side through all three sheets of paper with some scissors so the vines show through to the front.

You know how sometimes when you make something it just still doesn't quite end up like the picture you saw?  That's how I felt when I was done.  We have some fantastic bloggers and crafters with us today and sometimes my work feels very inadequate.  But then I thought about how happy my grandmother (who is in the process of moving to an independent living apartment from her nice house) would be to get this card-then I felt better.

Sorry no cat helpers today ;)  Thanks again for stopping by.  The next stop on our Hop is with Tiare over at iclassygirl As always if you have started in the middle and want to start from the top feel free to stop by Club Scrap Creates for a list of all the Blog Hoppers today!


  1. You crack me up, Janet. I always look forward to seeing what you create. So sorry to stick 'ya with the flowers. I will send you a complimentary kit when we decide to use that hot dog theme. Great card! Thanks for hanging it there to make it beautiful. Let us know how Grandma likes it!

  2. Nice card. Great stamping. And yes, I know exactly what you mean about things not turning out as you thought...I've experienced it on more than one occasion. LOL!

  3. You know Grandma is going to love it and probably hang it on her refrigerator! Your post made me laugh!

  4. Janet, you are wonderful! Love your card and I know that your grandma will love it too. Thanks for the step outs and your artwork is super!

  5. Your Grandma will love it! It's a really great card, and thinking outside the "box". Thanks for the step-outs!

  6. Great find on pinterest and I am sure your card is much nicer!Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  7. Your card is lovely, and your writing style is fabulous. I loved reading your post! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm not a flower person either. Your card is wonderful. I love the concept and will have to try it with something other than flowers of course.

  9. This is a beautiful card. I love how you shared the process of making it.

  10. I love the floral cutout edge...what a neat way to make a card a bit more special.

  11. I love the trellis...Missed getting that stencil.

  12. I love how you included so many elements! I often forget that more than one technique is allowed so my cards don't measure up to this! Thank you for reminding me!

  13. Love your blog post and love the card!

  14. Your card turned out awesome Janet! Love all the details.