Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Catching Fire" and Ice Headbands

Good Morning and Welcome to the...

I got an idea for this month's project as soon as I saw the super cool 12" long stencil that came in the Club Scrap Fire and Ice November Kit.   So here is what you need so you can make one of these for yourself.

Step One-Go to Pinterest or Google and search "homemade headband" and then sew up a few.


I'm totally kidding, the best thing to do is go to Walgreens or Target or something and buy something like this...
Next notice the seams and stuff on the bands.
Twist the band around so the seam that was up and down through the middle is now on one side.
Next grab some kind of ball.  This is like a replacement for your head because you cannot make these while they are on your head.  Well you could try but that would be another blog post.  I grabbed a volleyball.
Note-yes I know the volleyball is on the toilet.  That is where it lives.  On top of the duct tape.  After dbf's divorce 11 years ago he decided he didn't want anything girly decorating the bathroom.  Now we have one toilet with a football and one with a volleyball.  It is helpful to always know where the duct tape is.  In fact the roll of tape can also help us here, so grab a roll of tape (I ended up using painter's tape.)

Next wrap your headband around your volleyball.

This is when the roll of tape is helpful because you can set the ball on top of the tape for stability.  Next pick the stencil you would like to use and tape it to the ball in the center of the headband (keeping in mind the seam should go in the back.)

Grab some paint and I used make-up sponges for the first try.
You should be working with something like this.  Of course having a cat helper is not necessary and might be messy.
When you are done remove the stencil but let the band stay on the ball for a bit to dry (again leaving it on the roll of tape is good so it doesn't roll around.)  My first band was a so-so attempt.  If you use too much paint it bleeds through the fabric leaving not as crisp of a design.
I also would now not recommend using a glitter-y paint.  Sounded like a good idea at the time (as she wipes glitter 2 days later off her face.)
So other things to try include...Markers.
Ink and a applicator
My original plan was to make a "Fire and Ice" headband duo so here they are!
The "Catching Fire" one ended up being my favorite and was made with a mix of 4 paints.  Eat your heart out Katniss.
Those who know me know I have had LONG hair for a LONG time.  I recently ended up chopping off most of the rest of it due to health reasons (a lot of it fell out over the course of the last year.)  Now that it is coming back in it's full, CURLY?, and out of the headbands will come in handy!
(And yes the redish orangey crocs are mine.)

So whip yourself up some headbands!
Thanks for stopping by, your next stop on the hop is Lisa at carpe-memoria. and if you missed any of the great Fire and Ice projects just hop on back to Club Scrap Creates!


  1. Janet! Aren't you a very clever crafter! Love this idea and it is just so unique. Never would have thought of this. GREAT JOB!! And it looks smashing on you!

  2. What an awesome idea and excellent execution.

  3. Clever, Janet! Thanks for sharing your practical and entertaining tutorial.

  4. Such a cool idea. So original! The headbands turned out great. TFS!

  5. Such an original and practical idea! I'm sure my daughter would enjoy doing this - thanks for the inspiration!

  6. This is fantastic Janet - such a great way to use papercrafting materials on everyday objects! The results are fantastic and I think you should have one for every day of the week :) Thanks for showing us the process!

  7. This is such a fantastic job, Janet. The experimenting resulted in some great and wearable headbands! Hope you will get lotsof compliments while wearing them.

  8. What a fun project! I love it!

  9. Great job on these, Janet! I'm happy to have that photo of you modeling the headband, even though I was hoping to see your face in the picture. They turned out splendidly. I'm sure your cat had much to do with your success.

  10. Neat idea, love the black one ~ the colors are great.

  11. What clever use of the stencil! TFS!

  12. great way to use the stencils - my favorite is the 'catching fire' too!

  13. Really cool and different idea, Janet!

  14. Precious. U knocked it out of one park!

  15. Janet, that is freakin' brilliant! Thank you!