Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Last Minute Oopsie Daisy Invitations

Do you know why today is extra special?  Because it's Blog Hop Day of COURSE!!  (It's also apparently National Father-In-Law Day?)  Welcome to the Oopsie Daisy July Blog Hop.  If you didn't check out all the cool projects so far you can always head over to Club Scrap Creates to check out the full list (or look at any of the other fun stuff posted there on a regular basis.) 

Soooooooooo...I found out two Saturdays ago (July 19th) that I might need to make some wedding shower invitations.  Around 20ish invites give or take but no other info.  I knew the shower was early Sept so this past Friday (July 25th) I pressed the requestee of the invites for some additional info...

Turns out I needed to make over 50 invitations in about 3 days.  Gulp. 

So much for that stunning, amazing, artistic, elaborate Blog Hop Project I was going to get done.  Ok, you totally know I am lying right?  (I'm no Julie Heyer here.)  But it did kind of screw up my plans to come up with something fun and new.

So I present to you 52 invites in 3 hours and it goes something like this.

Go to your stash and round up exactly all of the papers (multi-colored 8 1/2 x 11 fall colors with a touch of grey and cream please) that you will need.  If you A-do not have time to sort through 15 years of papers and B-don't really want to sacrifice your stash for invites and C-would have ordered additional CS paper if you had been given more notice...you can just go to Staples and Michaels and purchase a 50 pack of Fall cardstock, cream colored resume paper, envelopes and a grey sparkly paper for mattes.  If you happen to get a free large pack of markers in a back to school sale I will not be responsible for coloring to ensue later.

So now that you have your materials and an idea (kind of) I suggest setting everything out in front of the tv.  I have chosen Pioneer Woman...she made steak fingers.  Yum.

So figure out how many invites you need total (52) and how many colors of paper you have (5) and then divide  52 by 5 and pick out 10 pieces of each color plus one extra of your favorite.  Cut them all in half and then score them and fold them in half.  Right?  Next go ahead and cut your mattes.  I made the grey mattes 1/2" smaller on each of two sides than my cards for a 1/4" edge of color around the card and then the inside cream mattes I made 1/2" shorter from top to bottom than the gray matte but the same width.  Then I tore the cream colored matte 1/2" from the side for a nice cute edge.

Lay out all your pieces.  You will now probably have moved onto another TV program.  I had Walk the Line on the DVR...
Grab the main focal stamp (Mine is the Daisy from Oopsie Daisy (see I told you I used the kit!)) and the You're Invited from the Comics UMs and I decided for a little "splash" of color I would add the splatter stamp from Oopise Daisy in a color coordinating with each card.

Start stamping in an assembly line fashion.

I like to stamp 10 or so at a time and then assemble.  It makes it seem less boring?  My finished card looked something like this....
Once I had all 5 colors done they looked so pretty! (Coordinating ink colors of Topaz, Mahogany, Ruby, Leaf and Tangerine.)
For an extra touch I stamped each of the envelopes with the smaller Daisy stamp.
All that is left is to print out your party info inside on the computer (4 per sheet of the same lightweight cream paper) which I need to do as soon as I finish this blog post...and they will be ready to go.

The cats relaxed in their boxes while I worked, after I tossed them off the card table about 20 times.
Note they prefer CS over their own cat beds.  They are very loyal.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, I'm headed to eat some cake for Father-In Law Day (or maybe my birthday!) and do some coloring...

Next up is Tiare Smith!!


  1. WOW, that's quite an accomplishment! Congrats on all the hard work - they are lovely!!

  2. Quite a task ! They are so cute!

  3. Now that is what I call Assembly Line Scrapbooking! WOW!

  4. ALSB at its best. These are lovely. TFS.

  5. Had me laughing! Love the quick and clever cards you created. Your kitties are so cute. Have a great day.

  6. Janet, these are wonderful! You rocked it and the added stamping on the envelope is perfect!

  7. Oh and by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Janet. Great invites & envelopes!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANET!!!! What a great way to crank out a bunch of invites. They look great! And, as always, thanks for the giggles . . . I enjoy the humor in your posts each month!

  10. Your invites are so pretty and great job with getting so many done. I really love the ink splatter stamp included too, it sure adds a burst of color to each. Enjoy your birthday, you have accomplished so much in the last year and I am glad you are feeling so well again.

  11. Amen, Cathy! Janet you could have lead with it being your Birthday and Blog Hop day. The invites are just beautiful and remind us how we can use all our CS items in lots of ways. Color on!
    Mom, I mean, Beth M.

  12. Your invitations came out wonderful, Janet! Simple and style is the word when making so many. BTW Happy Birthday,this is like aparty on line for you! Have a great day!

  13. Your invites are wonderful Janet. Love that assembly line. Love your fun posts and the kitties are so cute. Happy Birthday too!

  14. Too funny!! Those are some snazzy invites you got there!!

  15. Wow, you really finished all 52 in 3 hours. I love how cute the cards turned out. Great work and I love your blog post writing style. TFS

  16. 1. Your cats are awesome. They know what's best.
    2. Happy birthday.
    3. Happy Father-in-law Day.
    4. If you score first and then cut, you only have to score half as many times.
    5. I love how you added a little something to the envelopes.
    6. I can't wait to see you in 8 days. More like 7.

  17. Love the narrative! AND the invites! Impressive,woman! Interesting, isn't it, how the number of invitations requested originally always seems to double in the end?

  18. Janet, I look forward to your narrative every month. Cute invites! .

  19. Happy Birthday! I love your cards, and your blog posts - they remind me so much of me...except you accomplish more than I :)