Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Something out of Nothing-Cinema Blog Hop

Howdy blog hoppers!!  Welcome to the August Club Scrap Cinema Blog Hop...
Are you in the right place?  If you just came from Debby's Blog then you are following along perfectly.  If you hopped over from Facebook you might want to check out all of this month's projects over at Club Scrap Creates!

So today we are going to make a cute little card...
I know, can you believe I made something so crafty and cute??

After stressing about what I was going to make (for days) and not coming up with anything (as usual) I turned to Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to use the "Stars" quote from the unmounted stamp set so I just did a simple search of "star card" and ended up with this!  Here's a quick tutorial...

Start with 4 colors of paper (I picked from the POPs that came with my kit.)  Cut each piece to a 2.5" square.
Next up stamp one side of each square with the stamp of your choice, I think a pattern of some kind would work best.  I picked the Workbench wood mounted grid stamp.  I used the black india ink on the light paper and the white pigment ink on the dark paper.  Be sure to heat set if needed before moving onto the next step.
So flip one of your squares over and mark lightly with a pencil halfway down each side of it.
Grab either a Scor-Pal or just a bone folder and score each corner from the pencil mark to the next pencil mark.
Fold each corner up so that your pattern shows at the top.
It really helps if the cat sits on top of your finished product, trust me!  If you do not have a cat you can skip this step.  If the cat destroys your prototype you must start over.  Sigh.

So after you have created (or re-created) each of your 4 base squares you can cut 4 small white squares for the insides of each little "box".  Now any good crafty blogger would have this measurement but I don't have the card with me and I didn't write it down.  Probably because I was peeved at having to start over since AJ ate my first box.  Anyways.  4 little squares.  I decided to stamp the insides each with a star image (this one from Time and Space UM's) in coordinating colors from each piece of paper like this.

I added a little bling to each inside paper (a star brad from Bright Lights, Big City.)
Firmly attach each inside to the outside and then nest together on the front of your card.  (I just used a basic 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper cut in half, and folded in half.)  Try to position the "boxes" as high as you can on your card to leave space for your sentiment.
The Hydrangea Zig Zag UM was a perfect touch for the bottom of my card.  Add your sentiment and maybe a little more bling (large star brad is from Equestrian kit) and you have your finished card!!  Oops, don't forget the rest of your sentiment on the inside of the card!!

I especially like that the card has dimension but also folds flat for mailing.

I hope you enjoyed my little card today.  Your next stop on the Blog Hop is with Tiare over at  Be sure to tune in next time for the Blog Hop and in the meantime I'll be blogging this Tuna Tartare in the next few days so come back by to check it out!!


  1. Janet, what a fun card and great instructions! Thanks so much for your idea.

  2. I don't know what we'd do if AJ didn't get involved in the card making process. I think my favorite thing here is how many kits were represented in this card: Cinema, Workbench, Hydrangeas, Equestrian, Time and Space, and Bright Lights, Big City. Way to go!

  3. Beautiful card! Looking forward to Tuna Tartare! Have a great day Janet!

  4. I do love this card Janet, and I agree with Tricia - the items from other kits you worked in really adds to the card. I love seeing all of the elements working together. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Loved the blog title right off the bat Janet! Great idea with this card! The Tuna Tartare looks awesome too!

  6. Oh the Tuna Tartare looks so good!! Now I am getting hungry. Love your card, the quote is so perfect.

  7. You made me hungary now! but I love your crds!

  8. You made me hungry now! I love the cards! The little stars are perfect.

  9. Your card is just darling...went perfectly with the sentiment!

  10. Thanks for all the details, I plan on copying this card, it is so cute~

  11. Your little star boxes are cute. What a wonderful idea. PS I always look forward to seeing your helper. TFS

  12. Fun card and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing the process and entertaining us along the way.

  13. This turned out great in the end . . . in spite of AJ's "help". TFS!