Friday, June 25, 2010


A couple of quick updates my garden following friends, as well as Chapter Two of the Great Squash Casserole Showdown!  Here is the bounty from the week so far (all picked since last Saturday 06-19-2010.)

Crazy amounts of cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini.  Good amount of green beans too (and they keep coming.)  I have enjoyed the squash for my Great Squash Casserole Showdown but I am afraid they are quickly going to come to an end as it appears my yellow squash have something called Squash Vine Borer.  All of a sudden my plants are dying, vines are drying up and it appears at the base of each plant there is an area of infection/holes in the plant.  Once it gets to this stage there is no way to stop it.  If they stop producing right away I may purchase some more, or we may be sick of it already-ha ha!
 Finally today I leave you with Squash Casserole recipe #2-courtesy of Three Dollar Cafe.  The full recipe can be found here.  Slight adjustments include using paste form chicken base instead of liquid, and I split the recipe into two pans so I could share the casserole (after we ate casserole #1 for 3 days.)
I chopped the veggies-
Added the chopped onion to the melted butter in one pan...
  And the water and squashes to another pan...
Mix beaten egg, chicken base and other ingredients in a large bowl...
I allowed my onion/butter mixture to cool slightly before adding it to the mix as to not end up with scrambled eggs.  Add squashes to bowl and mix well, dump into pan or pans (note by this time I knew I had quite a few dishes and being the non-"green" person I am, I used throw-away pans.)  Top pans with slices of American cheese...
After baking your casserole will look something like this-ok I lied, this is only a small corner of the casserole since I forgot to photograph it before we ate almost our entire portion.  I did end up popping on the broiler for a couple minutes near the end of cooking time to brown the cheese slightly.
We rate this one an EASY 4 out of 4 squash blossoms and I wish I hadn't given the other half away!  Happy Squash Eating!


  1. Wow! You have a lot of veggies! I want to bring Bailey to see your garden. She would think it was really neat!

  2. Call me if you get overrun with cukes. I would LOVE some and my plant (planted late) has yet to put any out.