Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Club Scrap's Homestead Meets Darius Rucker

Howdy Club Scrappers and Friends,

Howdy seems especially appropriate for this month's kit "Homestead"!  Thanks for stoppin by for the October Blog Hop.

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So this month I made something for your enjoyment...yup, pick your jaw right up off the floor because I actually made something and I even used some of the actual Homestead kit items!  Shocked aren't you?  I felt the kit was super great for my redneck Southern down home personality!

So to start I need to get you in the mood for this little card I whipped up.  Are you familiar with Darius Rucker?  Former front man for Hootie and the Blowfish turned county music superstar.  He sings a fun little ditty called "Wagon Wheel" and if you haven't heard it or want to hear it again just click here!  (The video features back-up singing by Lady Antebellum as well as some appearances from some of my favorite rednecks from Duck Dynasty!)  Now that you've heard it feel free to sing and hum it for hours, all day, for're welcome!

I decided that with the Rockin, rocking chair stamp and the Wagon Wheel stamps (all from the Unmounted stamp sets) that I'd make a special Wagon Wheel card for my mom (dear Mom, I was going to mail this to you before the blog came out but I forgot so act surprised when it comes!)

I wanted a card with a pull-out wagon wheel on the top.  It's kinda hard to explain so I'll just walk you through it.

Step 1 (for me)-Pick an envelope you already have and size your card to it.  Try to figure out how big your card needs to be.  You might want to sketch it out, there might be multiple drafts.  I decided to make a "pocket card" but since my envelope was longer than 6" I had to use two pieces of paper to make it.  I have included this helpful diagram.
Ok well that sort of didn't work out right.  So here is a bit of a guideline.  Measure envelope and cut a piece of solid paper the exact size you want your card.  This will be the back of your pocket.  Cut another piece of paper to be 1" wider across (1/2" for either side) and 1/2" longer than you want your finished card.  This is the pocket front.  (But don't actually do this yet because you might need to adjust, see below NOTE)  You are totally following this so far right?

Step 2.-Score the card front at 1/2" from each side and 1/2" from the bottom.  I needed some help with this step, obviously.
Step 3.-Draw and pencil line across the bottom corners of the pocket and cut along the hashed lines.
Step 4.-Fold in along the score lines to make a pocket and use some kind of fairly decent adhesive on the folded flaps to stick your back cover onto your pocket.  (I might use 1" wide flaps next time.)

Step 5-I stamped the wagon wheel pull out on a scrap paper and cut it out to determine how large I needed the inside page.  (NOTE-After doing this I realized if the inside page was the same size as the pocket and you have a rounded wagon wheel on the top that the entire card won't fit in the envelope-don't be me.  I trimmed down the entire pocket by about an inch to make the wheel fit into the envelope.)
Step 6-After cutting out the inside pull out panel I went about decorating all my pieces.  I used the splatter stamp from the Oopsie Daisy set to add some background to the pocket and back piece.

I also stamped, embossed and then fancy cut out the large Wagon Wheel stamp.

I stamped the front of the card with the Rocking Chair and used the UM Expressions font for my "Rock Me Momma" sentiment.
Step 7.-Stick everything down and find a nice picturesque place to photo your finished card!

And here is what it looks like when you slide the inside panel inside the pocket!

Nifty huh?  I'm so glad I was able to exactly show you how to make this neat card...sort of.  Now I'm sure there are lots of great formulas and diagrams for making pocket pages, next time I might consult one. =) 

Thanks from me and AJ and MaryAnne for stopping by and have fun hopping along to your next stop at  Tiare Smith's Blog.


  1. I'll be singing that song all day in my head!

  2. Wonderful and your helper is an identical twin of one of mine!

  3. Your helper did an extraordinary job this month. What would we do if not for your assistant? Thanks for taking us on your wild journey. Fact is, that's pretty much how it can go for me, too, except I would have started with 1" flaps, because I've learned that 1/2" flaps usually don't work as well. Live 'n learn. I'm sure your mom will act surprised when she sees her rockin' card.

  4. The cat is so fun in all your pics!
    Listening to the song that you linked while reading your blog, perfect accompaniment. Really got me in the mood. Your card is terrific, and thanks for the step by steps!

  5. What a great helper! My dog just sleeps on the couch in my craft room -- no help at all! Love the card! Yes we do camp at least twice a year for a week at a time. Only got out once this year because our truck that we pull it with was hit and in the shop for repairs so we had to cancel the trip. We camp at a time share resort called Blue Mesa outside of Gunnison CO. Have a great day!

  6. Love the card and pullout. The wheel pullout is great.

  7. Love it! Can't wait for it to arrive!
    Love, Mom (Beth)

  8. I love reading your blog posts, they always make me smile, or giggle, or both! I love the end results of your efforts . . . what a great card!

  9. Wonderful card! Love the explanation. I know that I'll be coming back when I make a pocket card.

  10. Your great writing makes me smile again! So great you shared your inspiration for making it, the pocket idea is great, and it became great card!

  11. Janet - your card turned out great. And as always, your blog post was very entertaining! :)

  12. Super project :) And thanks for the laugh!

  13. Thank you for sharing the process of working this out,it is nice to know we all go through similar design issues. I really like the finished product too.