Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 Steps for a Blog Hop Project

Howdy folks and welcome to the Club Scrap November Lake Blog Hop...
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Today I'd like to give you a simple, easy to follow set of 10 steps for creating the perfect Blog Hop Project from your Lakes kit (which is so pretty isn't it?)
Since I live on a lake I had lots of great ideas all month about what to do with my kit (or you would think that wouldn't you?)!
The most important thing when figuring out what you are going to make is the planning.  I like making a to-do list.  So...

Step #1-Make a to-Do List that includes your Blog Hop Project. (Look how cute, it's even in kit colors!)

Step #2-Go shopping for any extra supplies you might need.  Don't get distracted.
Oh Look!!  Frozen fabric!!

Step #3-Spend lots of spare time working on your project.  Again, don't let yourself get distracted by other projects, hobbies or tasks.
This one was from the devil I think.

Step #4-When it is approx. 2 days before the project is due clean off your workspace.

Step #5-Make sure you eat a healthy lunch to prepare you for an afternoon of project making.

Step #6-Get to work.
Wait a minute.  Who took that picture.  I was working on my project.  Really.  Ok well if you need a nap it might help get the creative juices flowing.  Or you might just want to spend the day under the electric throw watching football.

Step #7-On the day before you need to post your blog, send any photos off to be printed.  Go pick them up.  Run by the drugstore, grocery store, library and any other end of the month errands you need to take care of.  Do laundry.  Pack for an out of town trip.  Pay work bills, pay personal bills, make dinner.  Then get to work for real on your project because you are running out of time.

Step #8-Clear any animals, children or husbands off your crafting space.

Step #9-Cut out the only sheet of unmounted stamps you haven't already prepped because it is the one that has the stamp you want to use on it.  Rub stamps with Mount-It.  Let dry.  Eat dinner.  Have hotly debated conversation about the state of the world.  Wash dishes.

Step #10-Complete Project.
Face it, you didn't think I was going to actually get there did you?  Me either.  But I did.  Oddly I ended up with a picture from a spur of the moment trip to Lake Michigan with my Mom and Dad instead of a picture from home.

Supplies Used-
3 Sheets of Lakes Paper plus POPs.
Seaside Cut Out
Mosaic Twist Tiles
Lakes Embellishments
Paper Clip from my stash.
Safety pin from Textiles and Notions
Ocean and Spruce Club Scrap Ink
Lake UM Stamp
Oopsie Daisy Splatter Stamp

I hope you enjoyed this simple list for creating a super duper Blog Hop Project.  We are so worn out we need naps!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. LOL....I love all of the steps and it worked because the lo is spectacular!

  2. Totally delightful and your long Island iced tea is the perfect accoutrement.

  3. Step 1: Put coffee down prior to reading Janet's blog. Thanks again for another helpful edition of Dishing with Janet. I will make note of these steps and use them wisely.

  4. Janet, you never disappoint with your hysterically funny posts! And the layout is AWESOME, great choice of pics in the end!

  5. Such a fun blog post and I am glad I read it all to the end and saw your beautiful page!

  6. Love your layout and the story behind it. Your kitty is so photogenic! Thanks for a fun story and have a great day Janet!

  7. Love the commentary! Sounds like my life!

  8. Love your step by step instructions and your layout turned out great too!

  9. LOL - I think your step-by-step matches mine, except I don't have a cat! There is always so much to pack into every day - thanks for sharing your whole process with us!

  10. Your layout is great Janet! Love how down to earth you are with the step-outs!

  11. This post made me crack up, Janet. My favorite part was the million-piece puzzle from the devil. Hehe.